2017 Reading Goals

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Every year I set a reading goal for myself. And for the past couple years, I’ve failed. Miserably. I started out with a reading goal of 50 books a year. I figured I could definitely knock out a book a week. And for several years I did. Easily. So I upped my goal to 60 books a year. I was pretty close to it anyway, so I thought, what’s a few more squeezed in? That year I didn’t even come close to 50, let alone 60. I barely broke 20. It was pathetic. The next year was the same.

But I wasn’t going to let that happen in 2016. I was going to hit my goal. I was going to use this space to help me achieve that. I have a blog specifically for reviewing books for goodness’ sake! This should be a no-brainer! And then I failed. Again. I barely broke 30. I slacked on my blogging. I slacked on my reading. I slacked on life, to be perfectly honest.

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So 2017 will be different. (Hopefully..) I’m going to continue tracking myself on Goodreads, setting my goal there back down to 50 books again. But I’m going to add to my goal. It won’t just be about the number of books I read. I want to challenge myself to read outside my usual YA comfort zone. I say this every year, and every year I fail. But now I have you to hold me accountable. Someone (maybe?) is listening this time.

So here it is. The list of stuff I want to check off before the end of 2017:

  • 2 Shakespeare plays I haven’t already read
  • 3 non-fiction books– but they can’t all be biographies
  • 2 classics from my collection of Barnes and Noble Classics
  • 5 ARCs from my ever growing collection
  • 3 adult fiction books
  • 1 graphic novel
  • 5 diverse books
  • 2 Young Reader books (That aren’t Harry Potter)

That’s my vague general list of what I’d like to accomplish, but I think I’m also going to try to incorporate the PopSugar Reading Challenge as well. I loved their list last year, even though I didn’t actually do it, and this year’s looks even better! I’m excited to see them add a lot of diversity prompts to their list this time around.

In addition to the PopSugar Challenge, I’m going to try the Book 50 Reading Challenge as well! (Follow along with #ReadMore17) What can I say.. I like choices. Between the 2 big challenges, I should have enough options to keep me reading all year long!

I’m also joining in on an IG challenge to help me with my Shakespeare goal– Samantha from @booksthatconnectus is hosting a Shakespeare Reading Challenge!


Each month we’ll read a different Shakespeare play, and I can’t wait to read along! Now I have no excuse not to complete my yearly “I’m going to read Shakespeare!” goal that never actually happens. Feel free to join in with us on IG using the hashtag #shakeit2017!

If you want to follow along and see how I’m doing on my challenges throughout the year, I’m keeping them up to date on my Book Goals page up top!

What kind of reading goals do you have for this coming year?


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