Review Disclaimer

I started this blog because I love to read. For me, reading is an escape from every day life. For a brief period of time, I get to live in someone else’s world. See it through someone else’s eyes. Live someone else’s life. I read because I enjoy it.

I also blog because I enjoy it. All opinions of the titles I review are my own and I’ve received no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for posting a review. Nor do I wish to. I’m just here for the fun. So, at this point in time, I’m not accepting any offers to review titles.

Every book you see in this space is something I’ve picked up because I thought it looked interesting– something I might like to get lost in. Most have come from the local library or the bookstore where I work. Any Advanced Reader Copy of a book I’ve received and reviewed has been one I’ve personally picked from the copies available to all the booksellers at my store. I choose to read what I love. If I’m not going to enjoy what I read, then what’s the point?

Each review will have an age level appropriateness consideration. This isn’t meant to discourage older readers from picking up YA books, by any means. I work as the Children’s Lead in a bookstore and I have so many parents asking for recommendations for their 12-14 year old children– the hardest age to chose for. Some titles may be too juvenile, but others may be too mature in content. As I read each book, I ask myself, “Could I hand this to a 13 year old?” Hopefully through my reviews, I can help parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, and readers find books that they will not only love, but are also appropriate for those who are sensitive to certain content.

I love to read, and I hope that through this little chunk of the web, I encourage someone else to pick up a book as well.